Ceramic Nesting Eggs- Stop egg eaters or train hens to lay in nesting boxes

Green Valley Acres

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Realistic ceramic nesting eggs. Same size and weight as real eggs.

Use for:

  • Train hens to lay in the nesting boxes instead of all over the floor. Hens tend to lay where there are already eggs because it means it is a safe spot to lay, so put the fake eggs in the nesting boxes.
  • Ceramic eggs in the nesting boxes discourages egg eaters because they can't tell which eggs are real and which are fake. Ceramic is much better at this than the wooden eggs and we have used this method with great success on our farm.
  • If you'd like to encourage a hen to go broody, these are also great.

Shipping available as an add-on with your order of hatching eggs (don't worry, I'll label them so that you don't accidentally incubate the ceramic ones!) or shipping available as a standalone purchase.

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