Opal Legbars (blue egg layers, autosexing)

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Breed Information

The Opal Legbar was created by Candace Waldon in the US and is a highly desired breed for its beauty, blue eggs, and autosexing traits. Here is a great description from her webpage:

"This breed has everything you love and want all in one package. They are barred lavender birds with cute crests, blue eggs, and best of all, they are autosexing! Know which chicks are males and which are pullets as soon as they hatch! Opal Legbar males are beautifully barred lavender with golden highlights. The barring lightens the lavender feathers giving them a silver appearance. When the sun hits them just right, these birds glimmer! The golden highlights, contrasting the silvery barred lavender, is absolutely stunning. Opal Legbar hens are pearl gray with either silver barring or light straw yellow accenting around their necks. Their darker color compliments the males’ lighter silvery color perfectly. Some hens also have light peach breasts."


Our Flock & Update for 2023 Season

We're sold out for 2023 aside from the orders that have already been placed and a few more pullets in the fall. You can preorder for next season using the links above.

We've been working on this breed for a few years now. We've been focusing on good crests, vibrant egg colour, size of eggs, egg laying productivity, proper autosexing traits, and good feather quality.

Availability for 2023

This is the first year that we're letting our opal legbars leave the farm and we're expecting to sell out quickly. Preorder early because aside from fulfilling the preorders, we're not likely to have extras during the season. Our breeding season depends on the hens and on the weather and will likely start in April or May. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details on timing of orders.

Hatching Eggs: Due to how selective we are with choosing our breeders, we're only likely to have a max of a dozen eggs/week available. Feel free to add more to your order if you'd like, but if you do I might need to ship them separately which will require a second shipping charge. Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. Please also click here for details on purchasing hatching eggs from us.

Chicks: Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. Please also click here for details on purchasing chicks from us.

Pullets & Cockerels: "Pullet" is the term for a young female chicken and "cockerel" is the term for a young male chicken. They'll be 3-6 months old when they're ready for you and it will be in the fall. Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. 


Please also be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for more information before ordering.


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