Freerange Whole Turkeys- Frozen

Green Valley Acres

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SOLD OUT. Thank you to all of our customers, especially all of our repeat customers, who helped us empty our turkey freezers so quickly again this year. We'll have more turkeys available around September-December 2023.


Please make sure to select the turkey size that you want from the drop down menu.


Taste The Homegrown Difference - raised by a husband and wife

From farm to table, our flock is raised on only the best. We worked with a poultry nutritionist to formulate our specific custom feed to optimize their well-being naturally. We believe in the importance of knowing what we’re eating which means we need to make sure we know exactly what we’re feeding our flock too.

From Day 1, our turkeys lead an active life with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. Our method is significantly slower than commercial meat birds but we’ve learned that the quality difference is worth the wait.

Our turkeys are then taken to a licensed facility for processing, where a government inspector performs a quality check on each bird before it reaches your family’s table. It comes to you labelled, packaged, and ready to put in your oven.

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