Poultry Terms & Conditions

Please keep in mind that we are a small family-run farm in Alberta, not a commercial hatchery, and we do this so that we can share our love of poultry with you. We both have full-time jobs (and now a baby) so we need each order to be consistent and predictable so that we can continue to share our flock with you. With that in mind, the following terms apply to each order:


Hatching Eggs

  • Gender: On average, eggs are usually a 50/50 split for males/females – but this is just an average and individual batches may deviate from the norm.
  • Timing: We will do our best to accommodate your preferences for which month the eggs are available, but as we all know, the hens have the final say despite our best efforts! Ordering early will give you priority for your desired timing.
  • Hatching Guarantees: Our eggs have fantastic hatch rates when we hatch them here at our farm. As soon as eggs are transported, hatch rates usually decrease and other factors may decrease hatch rates as well, including the quality of your incubator. It is your responsibility to do thorough research before purchasing hatching eggs to make sure you can maximize your hatch rates. Once the hatching eggs leave our farm, we cannot guarantee the outcome because there are too many variables that are out of our control. We highly recommend “Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks” by Gail Damerow which you can purchase here



  • Shipping Products: For this year, shipping is only available for hatching eggs. All other products must be picked up from our farm.
  • Shipping Timing: We ship Mondays or Tuesdays via Canada Post and will send you the tracking number.
  • Shipping Location: This year we will be providing shipping for hatching eggs to Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. If you’d like shipping outside of these provinces, please contact us and we will see what we can do.
  • Shipping Damages: We put a lot of time and care into packaging our eggs and we carefully inspect each egg before it leaves our farm. However, sometimes the eggs are mishandled in the mail and may be damaged because we cannot control Canada Post once the eggs leave our possession. We try to include extra eggs just in case some are damaged in shipping.


Chicks and Other Live Birds

  • Timing: We will do our best to accommodate your preferences for which month the chicks and live birds are available, but as we all know, the hens have the final say! However, ordering early will give you priority for your desired timing.
  • Gender: You should expect approximately half of the chicks to be female and half to be male – but this is just an average and individual batches may deviate from the norm, especially in smaller batch sizes. Aside from our autosexing breeds, it’s not possible to identify the gender of day old chicks.
  • Quarantine: While our flock is happy and healthy, transportation and rehoming stresses a bird’s immune system and they can become sick as a result. It is very important to follow good biosecurity practices when introducing any new birds to your flock, including an appropriate quarantine period, even for previously healthy birds.



  • Order Cancelations: Please make sure that you’re committed to the purchase before placing an order. As soon as you place an order, our website charges fees to us and if we need to do a refund, it charges us fees again. As a result, if you absolutely need to cancel an order, 75% will be refunded and the remainder will be forfeited.


Show Quality

  • We spent months scouring Canada searching for the best foundation birds for each of the breeds that we raise. We are a member of many breeders’ organizations including the American Poultry Association and we work with dedicated mentors to get second opinions about breeding strategies. Each year, we choose only the very best birds to keep for our breeding flock and this increases the quality of our flock with every year. Despite all of these factors, genetics are still variables and as such we cannot guarantee that any specific bird will be show quality. As with any living creature, there will always be room for improvement in the constant pursuit of perfection and flaws will exist. All we can guarantee is that we are doing everything that we can to provide you with the highest quality birds possible.
  • If you’ve read this far, we want to sincerely thank you for being a responsible livestock owner and taking the time to read the details before making your purchase. Once you place your order, send me a quick message with your order number and the gift code “IReadTheTerms” so that we can give you an extra gift with your order.