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Please note that these are not available for $0.01... we're still trying to figure out pricing because this is a rare breed. We won't be selling them through the website because we want to have a quick chat with the future owners of our Phoenix. If you're interested in them, please send us a message here to let us know: Contact Us


Breed Information

Where do I start with this variety? They have so many incredible features. This was the very first type of chicken that I wanted and it took me 20 years to find them in Canada. Aside from its mythical name, the Golden Phoenix is best known for its stunning long tail. The elegant, long, flowing tail is supported by strong feathers and is enhanced by a partial non-molting gene. However, their striking appearance isn't due solely to their incredible tail feathers. Their saddle feathers grow to impressive lengths and the birds hold their stature proudly.

This old breed was derived from the Onagadori breed in the late eighteen hundreds and is a medium-sized bird.

Green Valley Acres is a proud member of the American Phoenix Breeders Association and hopes to support the future of this incredible breed in Canada.


Our Flock

After searching for 20 years, we were able to successfully locate two Phoenix trios in the spring of 2021 - one trio of Golden Phoenix and one trio of Silver Phoenix.

We hatched a good number of Phoenix chicks in 2021 and will be using this large pool to split our Phoenix into multiple separate lines in order to maintain as much genetic diversity as possible. In 2021, our selection process has focused on removing any disqualifications, attention to health and vibrancy, and the distinguishing features of the tail.


We're proud to provide the opportunity to purchase a few breeding quads of our Golden Phoenix this year (1 male with 3 females, but we're flexible to other combinations).


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