Bronze White Eyed Peafowl

Green Valley Acres

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2022 Season

For the 2022 season we'll be operating our peafowl on a wait list basis. Please let me know what you'd like and as they hatch, I'll contact the first few people on the wait list. This is because hatching peafowl is more unpredictable than hatching chickens, guineafowl, or turkeys so it's difficult to know exactly how many we'll have available.


Peafowl are not chickens. Before purchasing from me, you will need to confirm that you either have experience with peafowl or have done ample research on how to be a good peafowl owner. 'Peacocks Only" by Douglas Buffington is a great resource - please make sure that you read it before purchasing peafowl so that you can make sure you can give these beautiful birds the care that they deserve. That being said, once you are properly set up to raise peafowl, I find that they're easygoing and friendly. Their beauty and charm will have you smiling every time you see them in your yard!


2022 Pricing

Bronze White Eyed Peachicks $250



Usually we require farm pickup but occasionally we find opportunities to ship across Canada. If you're interested but not within driving distance, send me a message with your location so that I can keep an eye open for shipping opportunities.

Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for more information before ordering.

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