Cream Legbars (blue egg layers)

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Breed Information

Legbars are best known for their bright blue/green egg colours and autosexing traits (the ability to distinguish males from females immediately upon hatching). While they are not yet accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection, there is a dedicated club working on the process. Here is a quote from their description of the breed:

"The Cream Legbar is a crested, autosexing, light fowl that carries the blue-egg gene. Legbars are friendly, good foragers and do well avoiding predators in a free range environment, although they can easily adapt to small yards and runs, as well. [...] One of the advantages autosexing provides is that there need be no ‘rooster surprises’, and those who want a flock of all females for egg-laying and urban backyards are going to get females from someone who is raising Cream Legbars to keep the important traits intact. Even when day-old chicks, the female can be selected from the hatch. [...] Prolific egg production is a hallmark of a good Cream Legbar."

-Source: The Cream Legbar Club


Our Flock

We love our cream legbars but they are not one of our focus breeds. We will be growing out some cream legbars to select the best to keep as next year's breeders though and we do keep the proposed Standard of Perfection in mind (find a copy here). We'd be happy to share some of these autosexing blue egg layers with you!



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