Golden Laced Wyandottes

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Breed Information

Many people are first attracted to Wyandottes because of their consistent egg production and gorgeous plumage but then fall in love with this breed's calm and friendly personality.

Wyandottes are great for Canada because of their cold hardiness and productivity for both meat and eggs.


Our Flock & Update for 2023 Season

We're sold out for 2023 aside from the orders that have already been placed. You can preorder for next season using the links above.

I sourced our Golden Laced Wyandottes from four breeders across Western Canada. Of the four lines, I chose the strongest two lines to continue for my breeding program. These two lines are being developed separately.

Our Wyandottes are reliable dual purpose birds but they're also some of the friendliest birds in our flock. They're good layers of brown eggs and they're also good sized table birds.

As any breeder will tell you, a flock will always be a work in progress. That's why we're working with a mentor for our Wyandotte breeding program and we're also active members of the APA (American Poultry Association). For anyone who's looking to understand more about what makes a quality Wyandotte, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of the Standard of Perfection here

In 2021, we only kept the best 9% of the hatch to move forward as potential breeders for our 2022 season. We made strong improvements to both body type and feather lacing quality this year.


Availability for 2023

We're only breeding our best trios in 2023 so we will have limited availability. Preorder early because aside from fulfilling the preorders, we're not likely to have extra chicks during the season. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details on timing of orders.

Hatching Eggs: Due to how selective we were with our breeders for the 2023 season, we're only likely to have 2 dozen eggs/week available. Feel free to add more to your order if you'd like, but if you do I might need to ship them separately which will require a second shipping charge. Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. Please also click here for details on purchasing hatching eggs from us.

Chicks: Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. Please also click here for details on purchasing chicks from us.

Pullets & Cockerels: "Pullet" is the term for a young female chicken and "cockerel" is the term for a young male chicken. They'll be 3-6 months old when they're ready for you and it will be in the fall. Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. 



Please also be sure to read our Terms & Conditions for more information before ordering.


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