Olive Eggers & Easter Eggers

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Olive Eggers vs. Easter Eggers

Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers are a must-have addition to have a rainbow egg basket.

Olive Eggers are a mixed breed that is obtained by crossing a dark brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. Our Olive Eggers are a cross between the very dark browns of our Black Copper Marans with the beautiful blues of our Cream Legbars or Ameraucanas.

Easter Eggers are also a mixed breed and are obtained by crossing a tan brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. Our Easter Eggers are a cross between our Golden Laced Wyandottes with either our Ameraucanas or Cream Legbars.

Availability for 2022

I don't hatch either of these except for those that are specifically preordered. If you'd like me to hatch some for you, make sure to order early! 

Hatching Eggs: Please click here for details on purchasing hatching eggs from us.

Chicks: Order above by adding to your cart and placing your order. Please also click here for details on purchasing chicks from us.

Pullets & Cockerels: Not likely to be available although I might grow some out for special requests. If you've got your heart set on it, let me know and I'll see how I can help.


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